My Imaginary Life in Holland

If I still lived in Holland, my life would be much the same as it is now in America. I would still have rights, still have many of the same holidays I do here, and a few more as well! I would probably live in a fairly small cottage in the Dutch countryside, or perhaps an apartment in a big city, go to a different school with a different method of teaching, and I would have different customs and traditions, but it would still be the same in many ways.

If I lived in Holland I would still live in a free country with many of the same rights we have in America, and in fact, I may have even more! The Dutch have a constitution, just like America, and they have a parliament, which gives a sort of proportional representation to the citizens of the Netherlands. In addition to their government, they don’t have as many laws concerning drugs, and they allow euthanasia. I would also have many of the same holidays in Holland. They have Christmas, Easter, New Years, and birthdays. And, instead of Independence Day or Fourth of July, they have Queen’s Day. Many of these holidays are chances to get together with family and have reunions, much like we do here in America.

My education might be slightly different from the education I currently have here in America. It would be different because I would already have completed the primary school, and I would have moved on to the four-year secondary school or the six-year pre-university school, so I could go on to one of Holland’s universities after I graduate from the pre-university. I would have received a great education, one that is just as good as any education that I would receive here

I would probably have an idea for a different profession if I lived in Holland. I might want to be a fisherman or an industry worker instead of a computer design engineer or a technician. I might decide to be a dairy farmer or an architect instead of an engineer or an astronaut. Holland is more geared towards natural or less technologically advanced jobs and businesses, but at the same time they are very hi-tech. If I went to school in Holland, I would already have a profession in mind, and be working toward my goal of getting the prerequisites for the degree I want. In America I will put this off until the last years of high school and college.

The house I would live in Holland would either be a fairly small one or two story country home, or an apartment in one of  Netherlands’ big cities like Amsterdam. The houses in Holland are painted bright colors like yellow, and orange, but blue also seems to be a favorite color among the Dutch. The inside of the house is usually bright as well, with lots of ornamental decoration, much the same as some houses in the United States.

The Netherlands have a unique way of thinking, but at the same time, they adapt to society and are open for ideas that may be introduced into their culture. I would be a different person in Holland, but I would be living almost the same life, and I don’t think that the changes would be all that bad. Now that I think about it, Holland would be a great place to live, but I’m still glad my ancestor came to America.


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